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Evitalz Information Management Pvt Ltd is a digital healthcare start-up. Our team have over 30 years of expertise in wireless communications, satellite communication & IT services. Our Company offers Evitalz Telehealth Kit comprises of Wireless Smart Vital Signs Medical Devices & Vital-Link software in an android tablet PC and helps in diagnostic monitoring of the vital signs of the patients and can send the vitals with patient condition information to any Doctors, hospitals.

“Digitalization & new technologies like Evitalz will enhance Patient's Wellness & accelerate Telehealth to evolve!”

Mr. Nanda Kumar, CEO & Founder
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Our Solutions

Mobile Application

Helps to records patient vital signs and transfer of vital signs reports to web service with high security with video call & text chat features for telemedicine

Evitalz Medical Kit 

Our Wireless smart Medical devices measures vital signs of patients in accurate and reliable way as required by leading hospitals & clinically validated

Medical Record 

Our web service with Secure cloud-based EMR delivers a new level of patient support with advanced algorithms to empower physicians


eVITALZ Offers Software and Telemedicine Services for Various Fields

telemedicine in aviation aircrafts
telemedicine for ships
telemedicine in military defence and army
telemedicine kit for ambulances
rural health telemedicine
telemedicine in hospitals and clinics
telemedicine in wellness mapping
telemedicine in post operative care
telemedicine in critical care
telemedicine in corporate wellness
telemedicine in hotels and resorts
telemedicine in schools and colleges

A Digital Healthcare Start-up

Evitalz Information Management Pvt Ltd is a telemedicine company in Chennai, India with a vision of being seen by airlines, shipping industry, Public Health Services, Corporates.

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Why Evitalz?

eVITALZ is the “uber” of health care!

Increasing Access to Treatment anytime anywhere thereby improving Patient-Centered Care even from the middle of the sea!.

Customized Solution

We provide customized solution for our clients from various fields based on their needs!

Easy to Use

No need for medical expertise for using the kit. It is very easy to use with 15 mins of training

Very Affordable

It is a very affordable solution with great quality that helps to reduce the cost with great care!

Our Impact

Our system provides a high degree of flexibility and ease-of-use. The physician can also access a full record of all abnormalities recorded by the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system by logging into the central system. We secure recording of medical data and decisions, providing documentation.


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