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Evitalz Kit for Ambulances


Evitalz Telehealth Kit for Ambulances

According to research studies, it shows that simple vital signs tests carried out by ambulance crews on suspected heart attack patients can help save lives

Evitalz Kit has been introduced for the first time in India for real-time monitoring and in collaboration with Jaya corporate clinic, the project known as "PROJECT RAKSHA" was started by placing eVITALZ kits in NHAI Ambulance.

The kit with all vital signs devices ore connected to the secured server from there on to our own call center to be manned shortly by team of paramedics and doctors. 

How Evitalz Helps in Ambulances

Evitalz serves as a first-aid services using remote diagnosis and treatment of patients on board ambulances. The objective of the project is to extend the capabilities of the first responders, allowing live interaction with remotely-based doctors and equipment, and the team in the field to deliver the correct treatment immediately, at the place of intervention or en route to the hospital.

Artificial Intelligence

Evitalz's has a robust and real-time approach for automatic detection of vital signs abnormalities using Artificial Intelligence. This could improve the efficiency of expert human interpretation by accurately triaging or prioritizing most urgent conditions.

Cardiac Care

Our ECG has robust approach for automatic detection of 13+ cardiac problems using algorithms. It helps in activating cardiac cath lab prior to arrival at hospital for patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) which reduces door-to-balloon time by 10–55 mins 

PreHospital Diagnosis

Our kit helps to record vital signs & transfer to hospital emergency department. This information will be sufficient for the surgical team to be ready when the ambulance arrives, typically cutting 45 mins off the time it normally takes to get someone into theatre for emergency surgery. 

Have any

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