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Evitalz Kit for Aviation & Air Ambulance


Evitalz Kit in Aviation

According to a Study, between 2012 to 2014 nearly 26% of all aircraft diversion where due to Medical Emergencies. At least 1 medical emergency happens in every 600 flights, It’s likely to happen to you, if you fly enough, Among in-flight medical emergencies, cardiac arrest accounts for only 0.3% of such emergencies, yet it is responsible for 86% of in-flight deaths, according to the 2013 study.

Having evitalz kit on the aircraft helps to take and share vital signs data in real time will allow the doctor onground to make an informed decision as to whether the aircraft needs to be diverted or the patient is well enough for the aircraft to continue on its voyage and receive further treatment in the arrival airport. 

Specialised MEDIVAC helicopters or Air Ambulances may be well equipped with Evitalz Medical Kit, which helps for the Quick evaluation of criticality of the medical emergency. When required the accident scene paramedic can connect to specialist doctors for advise via video call.

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