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Evitalz Kit for Corporates

Business Consultation

Why Corporate Wellness?

Evitalz offers unprecedented levels of convenience and ease for your employees in a self-contained clinical and private setting. Our approach maximizes employee access to preventive care and diagnostic tests while engaging them to take action with their health through awareness of health conditions or potential risks. Employers and Employees receive a summary of their overall health and you will receive an aggregate report to measure improvements.

Basic Vitals Screening

Assess your employee population. Provide employees with a report of their health. Help identify “at risk” individuals.

Advanced Vitals Screening

Test individuals with full kit for health related issues and alert them to major medical issues to avoid large claims.

Health Follow up

Integrate critical health data with disease management programs. Intervene when medically necessary. 

At the office

Bringing Healthcare

to Everyone

Have any

Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact us for any questions or for live demo!

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