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Evitalz for Military & Defence


Evitalz Kit for Defence

Evitalz Telehealth service will be a cost-effective alternative to onsite care in the military facilities, which cannot meet the healthcare needs of all active duty service people, their dependents, and retirees. It also increases access to care for those service members and military families who live a significant distance away from the nearest Hospitals.
Evitalz Kit can provide sophisticated remote medical care and prevent avoidable medical evacuations while hastening those that are critical. Ironically, soldiers can receive diagnosis and treatment regimen faster in a combat zone via a tele-consultation program than they can be seen by a military doctor in a military hospital.

Records 5 vital signs & more… in real time and data recorded can be sent to a secure web service or server or a designated hospital / doctor or to a Telemedical center.


Lifetime Health Record
‘1 soldier 1 record’

Focus on integration & interoperability, accessibility to data and soldier engagement– “ 1st day to Last day”

Have any

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