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Our evitalz is world's first Telehealth service provider with Smart Web and Mobile Application with Real time Electronic Health Records enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Evitalz Mobile Application

Evitalz Vital Link App helps to record and store patient vital signs data securely and support clinical teams to work collaboratively, sharing opinions and broadening patient access to healthcare services.


Smart Software Solution

Evitalz offers a comprehensive software application for Doctors, first responders to capture, store and transmit patient’s vital signs data to medical specialists for further consultation.  


Web App

  • Real time EMR Reports

  • Vital Signs Dashboard View

  • Medical reminder and alerts

  • Covid Tracker

  • Data visualization

  • Data Analytics & Statistics

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Works with 3G, 4G or Satellites

  • Video conference and Text Chat

  • Multi Language.

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