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Evitalz in Hospitals & Clinics


Evitalz in Hospitals

Evitalz will serve as a valuable tool in assisting with medical diagnosis, decision support, chronic disease management and patient engagement in Hospitals and Clinics. Wireless devices within the hospital can now transmit information directly into the patient record, enabling clinicians to call up that data at a moment’s notice rather than waiting for it to be compiled.

When clinicians have access to that data using evitalz at the point of care, rather than waiting for it to be collected and doing the collecting themselves, they can make quicker, more informed decisions on care management.

Evitalz can play an important role to provide healthcare facilities to the victims of natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, tornado, etc and man-made disaster such as war, riots, etc. During disaster, most of the terrestrial communication links either do not work properly or get damaged. It works with any satellite systems to transfer the data to healthcare facilities along with its customized telemedicine software which will be ideal for disaster relief. 

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Key Features

Light & Portable


Evitalz Kit weighs around 2.2kg with all vital signs devices and consumables. It's portable & easy to carry

Video & Text Chat features


Built in video & text chat for Doctor consultation. Video calls consumes very low bandwidth

Security & Compliance


AES256 Encryption, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II Compliant, HIPAA & GDPR complaint, SSL secured!

Customisable Software


Customised software and reporting, Supports clinical decision-making



Provides encrypted transmission by 3G/4G,GSM & Satellite

GIS Advanced Mapping 


We have in-built GIS technology which helps to do a wellness mapping in a community


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10A, Masilamani Street,
T Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India - 600017


Phone: +91 80562 22988


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