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Evitalz in Post operative care

Medical Consultation

Post Operative Care

The post-op recovery period is a crucial one for patients. Evitalz is a safe and convenient option for patients and potentially a gamer changer for hospitals and surgical centers. Evitalz in Post-Operative care leads to excellent clinical outcomes, enhanced patient satisfaction, increased accessibility along with reduced wait times, and cost savings for patients and health care systems.

Evitalz helps to take care of them 24×7 and if need be co-ordinate with the doctor on the progress being made by the patient. It helps to monitor the patient's vital signs anytime and the vital signs reports can be sent to doctor anytime anywhere. As the kit is very portable and less weight, nurses can carry easily and take vital signs of patient in most reliable way.

Under the critical care of a professional, patients can learn to live with greater independence, have access to their loved ones any time of the day while achieving optimal level of well-being.


Post Operative Care

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