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Evitalz Kit for Rural Health


Evitalz for Rural Health

Access to quality healthcare is the “RIGHT” of all individuals, whether rich or poor. Nowhere is the urban-rural divide more evident than in the rural health care system of developing nations. As per UN the ratio of rural population to doctors is 6 times lower than in urban areas, while the hospital beds to population ratio is 15 times lower. About 66% rural population lacks access to preventive medicines and over 31% have to travel over 30km for treatment. About 80% of the health problems can be initially diagnosed by regular monitoring of vital signs.

Overcoming rural healthcare barriers through innovative wireless health technologies. eVITALZ RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) kit is a low cost and highly reliable technology, for rapid monitoring of basic vital health parameters. The kit offers a comprehensive solution for care professionals and first responders to capture, store and transmit patient’s vital signs data to medical specialists for further consultation.


Digital Diagnostics & NCD profiling

“Community Health Mapping can help Govts Allocate required Resources & Awareness Campaigns”

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