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Evitalz Kit for Educational Institudes


Evitalz kit for schools

If children is at school and becomes ill, getting them diagnosed and treated quickly is your number-one priority. However, sometimes be difficult for parents to suddenly leave work or other responsibilities to schedule a pediatrician’s appointment, pick up your child from school and take them to the doctor. About half of our pediatric emergency department (ED) visits occurred during daytime hours, and we heard from parents of their difficulties in getting time off from work to take their children to the doctor, which can result in lost wages and sometimes job losses.

Evitalz offers wireless diagnostic devices and a video conference technology to connect children with a doctor or nurse practitioner. In that way, children can be diagnosed and have prescriptions sent, all without having to leave school or you having to leave work, in most cases. 


Let's keep them healthy

Wellness Camps can also be

conducted for students using

the evitalz medical kit

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