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FDA Approved Medical Devices

Records 10+ Vital Signs within 10 mins

Wireless Medical Devices with FDA & CE certifications

Devices works with no internet connections

Clinically Validated with High Accuracy

Devices are Made in Switzerland 

evitalz medical kit
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Why our telehealth kit is the best?

Our portable telemedicine Kit comes with Smart
Medical Devices that connects with our app and transfers the medical data to the cloud instantly. Our devices clinically validated for more than 3 years and proven to have high accuracy. The devices are very simple to use, and takes only less than 10 mins to measure 10+ vital signs.

FDA & CE Approved

All our devices are FDA and CE Approved. Clinically validated for high accuracy.


Our devices works for longer period and has high durability. We also provide the kit in rugged case optionally.

Helps and Guides

We provide all relevant video guides and manuals for to help with using the devices.

Customer Support 

We care about our customers! We make sure to provide Outstanding Customer Support.

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Have any

Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact us for any questions or for live demo!

evitalz medical kit